Animal Figured Rugs
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Appearance of animal figured rugs in the 14th century brings a new dimension to Turkish carpets. Since these rugs contained animal figures, we do believe that they were woven for palaces and homes but not for the mosques and religious structures. These animal figures generally appear on the small and big square forms, placed on these rugs. The animals often seen on these rugs are birds, eagles with the single and double heads or animals put in heraldic order. One of the most popular designs, seen on these rugs is pair of birds placed around the trees. Although animal figured rugs survived up to our present ray are few, these pieces can be examined on the contemporary paintings. Sometimes, These simple birds and animals are replaced by the animal groups and animals in combat scenes. It is known to us that these rug were exporter to Egypt, Europe, and even north Europe. One of the very favourite

animal figured

animals seen on these rug is the dragon or the scene depicting the combat between the dragon and phoenix. This scene is often observed on the paintings of Florence.


Rugs of early Ottoman period resembles the Seljuk rugs with their designs and animal figures. Main ground of the carpet is divided into geometric fields and there is use of stylised geometric designs and flowers. These rugs become prototype of 16th and 17th century rugs.

animal figured rugs dragon and phoenix OTTOMAN RUGS /TRANSITION PERIOD.

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