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Turkish Carpets Guide gives detailed information about

Turkish carpets, tribal rugs, the art of weaving,

old and contemporary carpets in silk, wool, cotton

 and Turkish Kilims

Oversize Rugs

we produce greatest carpets in Turkey with vegetable dyes and finest wool.


The oldest rug, woven with symmetrical knots (Turkish knotting) was discovered in Siberia by a Russian archaeologist in 1949. Due to the water which penetrated into the tomb, Pazırık rug was frozen and miraculously preserved.

Turks who have the reputation of creating oldest rugs of the world  they have also honor to weave the finest silk carpets of the world. This fact is mentioned in the "Book of Records"

Turkish Carpet Guide  about Turkish Carpets covers Historical Turkish Carpets such as Pazirik Rug in Hermitage, Seljuk Carpets found in Konya and Beysehir and displayed in the museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts.  We also briefly mention the animal figured Turkish carpets displayed in the world museums. Ushak Carpets (Star Ushak, Medallion Ushak); Gordes from where we have the origin of Turkish double knot, Gordes knot are also be explained in detail. Of course, contemporary Turkish carpets are also covered at the pages of Turkish Carpets Guide. Hereke Imperial Looms, Kumkapi Carpets have the place of honor at our web site. We also cover the major and minor Carpet  weaving centers all over Turkey. Our web site, Turkish Carpets Guide gives you practical information on materials, carpet types,  kilim and  rug weaving centers, historical carpets,  tribal art , nomads in Turkey,   designs and prices of carpets

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